How To Join

EWI hosted a "Get Acquainted" membership reception recently. One guest made the following statement:

"The evening was inspiring! Thank you so very much for your graciousness in including me in a group which obviously supports and encourages its members to aim even higher! As I mentioned, the vibes within the group were wonderfully palpable."
-Mary Sue Flanagan

Membership in EWI® is by invitation only and the firm, (company/business) rather than the individual holds the membership. EWI® is a non-compete organization. This allows our members to enjoy the privilege of being the sole industry provider in a wide network of local firms, if they so choose. Membership in EWI® is limited to a total of 101 non-competitive firms per chapter.

Interested in membership?

  • For a membership application,please contact Board Advisor, Martin Smith, at martinsmith@bestmessenger.net
  • Click Here and complete the online form. Please type Washington, District of Columbia as your Nearest Chapter.